Friday, April 22, 2011

Pain free

Now that we got post numero uno out of the way we can talk about the real issue here. I have my first half marathon NEXT weekend! Excited doesn't begin to explain how I feel about this race. So far the training has went well except for a little pain in my foot. I recently had my foot tattooed so im thinking it was just a dumb decision deep bruise. Basically i've been lucky to be injury free. Until last weekend that is. As i was walking down the driveway with this guy..

I was messing with my Ipod to get it set on a good song. I wasn't really paying any attention and stepped right off the curb on to the side of my foot. I went ahead and ran and although a little sore, it seemed to be ok. The next morning I was scheduled for 10 miles. (most ever) I sat up in bed ready to run, stepped onto the floor, and pain shot up my leg. Grrreeaaattt. All I can think of this point is Janae. One of the many things I have learned from Janae is NOT to ignore pain. My half marathon and Easter run are expensive more imporant than an easy two miler. So even though my body craved a run all week, I rested. It's a day before my 10k and im feeling great! No pain at all!
On another good note, they took the rain out of the forecast for Saturday!! Running should be smooth sailing. (fingers crossed)
Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here goes.

To make my first post as least awkward as possible, I am going to start it out with how I got started running. Here goes!

RUNNING. I grew up hating to run. In softball running was considered a punishment. I didn’t really have as need to run since softball kept me in pretty good shape.  Fast forward two years later I have a beautiful baby boy. I loved being pregnant and ate whatever I wanted when I wanted. My love for eating whatever I wanted carried over into my post baby life and so as you can guess the scale didn’t budge, for months. I started running a little bit when my babe was about 6 months old. It was alright, but I didn’t have any motivation. I’ve never HAD to lose weight so it seemed so hard. I have so much respect for people that lose 50+ pounds on their own because it NOT EASY.
 Forward to 2010. I entered a weight loss competition at my work and lost about 15 pounds. I was walking about 4 miles a couple nights a week and partially watching what I ate. I was feeling pretty good about myself and then wedding planning hit hard. I was so stressed that I felt like I didn’t have time to workout or eat right. I gained it all back before my wedding in October. Usually a bride  tries to get into the best shape for the wedding. I didn’t. Oh well.
January 2011 I got the desire to run. Reading new years resolutions made me wonder why I couldn’t run. I hate having a new years resolution because they seem so standard, and they usually don’t last more than a few months. I wanted this to last. I went online and found a half marathon that was in my city on May 1st. I found a training schedule from Hal Higdons website and started running. The more I ran the more I fell in love with it. The training plan made me feel more accountable for my running.
So here we are now, a week till my first half marathon! I’ve made running into something that keeps me sane. Not for weight loss reasons, not for status reasons, but for me. I feel more confident than I did before. I still have my insecurities and I don’t even think I’ve lost any weight since I’ve started running but it’s a work in progress. The candy/chocolate/icee addiction probably doesn’t help.  I have a 5k in the books, am running a 10k with my momma this weekend, and then the half marathon next weekend.
 Heres to a new blog filled with running, recipes, and anything I feel tickles my fancy for that day!

Please save me from my addiction.. :/