Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here goes.

To make my first post as least awkward as possible, I am going to start it out with how I got started running. Here goes!

RUNNING. I grew up hating to run. In softball running was considered a punishment. I didn’t really have as need to run since softball kept me in pretty good shape.  Fast forward two years later I have a beautiful baby boy. I loved being pregnant and ate whatever I wanted when I wanted. My love for eating whatever I wanted carried over into my post baby life and so as you can guess the scale didn’t budge, for months. I started running a little bit when my babe was about 6 months old. It was alright, but I didn’t have any motivation. I’ve never HAD to lose weight so it seemed so hard. I have so much respect for people that lose 50+ pounds on their own because it NOT EASY.
 Forward to 2010. I entered a weight loss competition at my work and lost about 15 pounds. I was walking about 4 miles a couple nights a week and partially watching what I ate. I was feeling pretty good about myself and then wedding planning hit hard. I was so stressed that I felt like I didn’t have time to workout or eat right. I gained it all back before my wedding in October. Usually a bride  tries to get into the best shape for the wedding. I didn’t. Oh well.
January 2011 I got the desire to run. Reading new years resolutions made me wonder why I couldn’t run. I hate having a new years resolution because they seem so standard, and they usually don’t last more than a few months. I wanted this to last. I went online and found a half marathon that was in my city on May 1st. I found a training schedule from Hal Higdons website and started running. The more I ran the more I fell in love with it. The training plan made me feel more accountable for my running.
So here we are now, a week till my first half marathon! I’ve made running into something that keeps me sane. Not for weight loss reasons, not for status reasons, but for me. I feel more confident than I did before. I still have my insecurities and I don’t even think I’ve lost any weight since I’ve started running but it’s a work in progress. The candy/chocolate/icee addiction probably doesn’t help.  I have a 5k in the books, am running a 10k with my momma this weekend, and then the half marathon next weekend.
 Heres to a new blog filled with running, recipes, and anything I feel tickles my fancy for that day!

Please save me from my addiction.. :/

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