Friday, April 22, 2011

Pain free

Now that we got post numero uno out of the way we can talk about the real issue here. I have my first half marathon NEXT weekend! Excited doesn't begin to explain how I feel about this race. So far the training has went well except for a little pain in my foot. I recently had my foot tattooed so im thinking it was just a dumb decision deep bruise. Basically i've been lucky to be injury free. Until last weekend that is. As i was walking down the driveway with this guy..

I was messing with my Ipod to get it set on a good song. I wasn't really paying any attention and stepped right off the curb on to the side of my foot. I went ahead and ran and although a little sore, it seemed to be ok. The next morning I was scheduled for 10 miles. (most ever) I sat up in bed ready to run, stepped onto the floor, and pain shot up my leg. Grrreeaaattt. All I can think of this point is Janae. One of the many things I have learned from Janae is NOT to ignore pain. My half marathon and Easter run are expensive more imporant than an easy two miler. So even though my body craved a run all week, I rested. It's a day before my 10k and im feeling great! No pain at all!
On another good note, they took the rain out of the forecast for Saturday!! Running should be smooth sailing. (fingers crossed)
Wish me luck for tomorrow!

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  1. Love love love that u have a blog now! Have fun and kick some butt tomorrow! I expect a full recap!